A Little About Me . . .

I have had 7 businesses, 6 kids, 14 grandkids and been happily married for over 20 years.

The things that I value most in this world are transparency and trust.

In fact, I view the ideas of transparency and trust a bit like the various layers of an onion. As we work through the process of peeling one layer at a time, the layers go deeper and relationships becomes more transparent.

I have learned through both successes and failures that there are different costsfor success.

My joy is making a difference with my familyfaith, and business.

I have been blessed with the ability to notice the one thing that connects you with what you were created to be.

I am an Executive Director of the John Maxwell team.

But it’s not about me . . .

It’s about YOU.  Have you found your significance?

Is your inner voice saying that there is something more that you were created for while you are on this planet?  Do others see you as successful but you feel something is missing?

We can work together to uncover your GENIUS.

Others who have uncovered their GENIUS say this about me:

“Dr. Sorell helped me get to the next level by igniting both my known and unknown strengths.”
• Ellen •
“He changed my direction from going TO my dream to coming FROM my dream . . . which accelerated me to the finish line.”
• Bridget •
“I am absolutely sure we would not be where we are today or would have seen the successes we’ve seen had Doc not been investing into our lives and guiding us through the journey.”
• Chad •
“(Dr. Sorell’s) leadership has advanced so many things. . . the mechanism of removal of old ideas, limiting beliefs, self manufactured lies – by uncovering – discovering – discarding – replacing these with a renewed vision that forwards the ‘Ask…Believe…Receive’ principal- sets in motion a whole new set of actions and it keeps repeating.”
• Gary •